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KASA offers an Online Learning Library that offers online learning and anytime professional learning that YOU manage and get to invest your time into. It is a subscription service with pricing based upon the size of the school or district. With the state and district requirement for EILA credit, the KASA Online Learning Library allows the administrator to choose what is going to be most useful for you, your professional growth and your school or district. 

EILA numbers are attached to all videos and your state and district requirement for professional learning can take place from the comforts of your home or office without leaving your district.

KASA is pleased to offer two of the eighty-seven (87) videos in our library, along with one hour of EILA credit for each video to you at no cost as a member benefit. If you have any questions or are interested in subscribing to the online learning library, you may contact Wesley M. Cornett or Lisa Ducker at (800) 928-5272. 

Back Off-Or Else! Understanding and Addressing Anger and Aggression

Teachers across the nation are reporting an increased need to understand and effectively address students who display aggressive behavior within the school setting. These students often experience increased rates of reprimand and punishment which adds to feelings of rejection and persecution and supports their anger and aggression. They frequently resort to "fight mode" when confronted with struggles of everyday life This explores children's anger and aggression and provide insights into effective interventions.

Richard Van Acker, Ed.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Creating Schools that Provide Physical & Psychological Safety for Students

This video, recorded at the annual education law and finance institute was a session where participants learned how to create a school environment that addresses the physical and psychological safety of students using a research-based framework.

Joseph L. Bargione, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified school Psychologist. Dr. Bargione was the lead psychologist for 25 years in the Jefferson County Public Schools.


KASA Member Benefits


KASA members are eligible to access these two new professional development offerings through the KASA Online Learning Library at no cost. 

Each online session will provide 1 hour of EILA approved credit. 

To access the videos:
  • You will receive the link with instructions within 24 hours of registering
  • After you receive the link, register with your email
  • Use passcode kasabenefit
  • When complete, take poll for EILA credit
  • Contact for EILA Certificate

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