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Professional Learning Modules

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The Leadership Challenge®

July 13 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort
August 17 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort

Through this introductory module, participants will be introduced to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, from The Leadership Challenge® by co-authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. These practices will set the stage for the five remaining modules.
Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
1. Model the Way
2. Inspire a Shared Vision
3. Challenge the Process
4. Enable Others to Act
5. Encourage the Heart

Unpacking the Principal Professional Growth and Evaluation Standards

July 14 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort

August 18 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort

This comprehensive module will provide a bases for leadership improvement through productive principal performance appraisal and professional growth, encourage collaboration between the beginning principal and his/her evaluator and promote self-growth and leadership effectiveness. principals currently in the field will share effective strategies and processes for each of the six standards.

Building a Clear, Compelling Direction and Leading Change featuring Dr. Michael Rutherford

August 31 * Lexington, KY

In this session, Dr. Rutherford will discuss the harmful effects of fuzzy purpose on an organization before transitioning to his main objective of helping new leaders establish a clear, compelling direction through the dynamic forces of mission, vision, and core values.

The second half of module three will focus on leading change. Dr. Rutherford will examine three common patterns that surface during the change process and provide a user-friendly success principal for each one.

Develop a Unique and Individualized Framework for Systems of Data Informed Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Processes and a Monitoring Protocol

October 19 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort

In this instructional module, participants will design a model to monitor student progress and teacher effectiveness in meting learning targets/goals, with an end result of analyzing and using student performance data to drive instruction.

Strategic Management

November 1 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort

This informative module will focus on essential management functions such as planning, delegating, organizing, communicating, and leading in key areas that include chairing an SBDM council, dealing with personnel issues, managing school finances, and communicating with internal and external stakeholders. This session will heavily focus on the link between effective organizational structures and positive student achievement outcomes.

Human Resource Management
March 21 * KASA Training Center, Frankfort

This professional learning opportunity has been designed to prepare beginning principals

for the challenges of effectively leading and managing a school staff to achieve high levels of learning for all students. Real-life simulations will allow principals to think through various personnel situations. This session will be led by acting human resource directors within the state and KASA's executive director Wayne Young.

Cancellation Policy: Written cancellations submitted via email, fax or USPS mail will be accepted through July 5, 2017 and a refund or invoice credit issued minus a $29 processing fee. After that time, you may send a substitute to attend in your place as refunds are not available for cancellations or no shows within this time period. Session materials will be shared with those who must cancel and who do not receive a refund.