March 3, 2021 • Galt House, Louisville

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8:30 a.m.        Building Resilient Students From the Inside Out
Multiple school shootings occur every year. Teen suicide is on the rise. Thousands of students are bullied every day. In the face of such overwhelming stress, how can we help our students work through the adversity they regularly face? Award-winning producer and nationally certified counselor, JC Pohl, offers a direct pathway to one singular solution: resiliency. In this interactive session, JC offers five proven and immediately applicable ways to help students build self-efficacy and resilience. These keys to building resilient students might stop the next potential school shooter, save a suicidal student, or remind every bullied child that brighter days lie ahead.
JC Pohl, Teen Truth 
10:30 a.m. FIT Leadership:Fitness and Health
Are you a FIT Leader? As we begin 2020, we have increasing responsibility, as school and district leaders, for the overall fitness and health of students, staff and school/district leaders. Kentucky continues to rank among the worst states for children and adult physical inactivity, nutrition and stress.
Dr. Brian Creasman, Fleming Co. Schools
Establish a Culture of SEL Through Shared Values and Beliefs
With so many "trauma-informed" resources available, bringing it together can be challenging. This session will focus on defining values and beliefs pertaining to the complex needs of each child. Using resources from The Leadership Challenge® to help guide our work, we must know what we stand for before implementing any policies, practices, or programs.
Eric Hale, Fairview Ind. Schools
Moving from Trauma-Informed to a Trauma Responsive School 
Many schools are becoming trauma-informed, now what? Trauma-Responsive means looking at all the aspects of a classroom and school (systems, environment, language and values) and involving staff in better serving students who have experienced trauma. 
Sarah Smith, Bullitt Co. Schools
Collaboration to Enrich Student Leadership
George Rogers Clark High School and Robert D. Campbell Junior High School in Clark County identify ways in which they can merge student leadership and promote student agency through Sources of Strength and The Student Leadership Challenge®.
Jill Angelucci, Clark Co. Schools
Safety Every Day
Safety is a shared responsibility and educators are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to improve student safety while maintaining strong communications with families and community partners.  Join two Kentucky school administrators who will describe how they utilize an incredible technology tool to prepare and respond to emergencies - anytime, anywhere.
Chris Gaddis, Owensboro Ind.Schools, Troy Brock, Paducah Ind. Schools
11:30 a.m. Keynote Luncheon: Creating Hopeful, Happy, Healthy Schools Is Not Pie in the Sky: The Role of Educational Leaders
Research indicates students, families and schools are more resilient when they possess the “3Hs” (Hope, Happiness, Health) to combat the impact of trauma, abuse and violence.This address will highlight the need for educational leaders to work with their staff and other agencies to create a framework of support that goes beyond the traditional walls of the school to foster resiliency in students, families and communities.
Dr. Joe Bargione, Bounce Coalition
12:30 p.m.  Building Campus Relationships From the Inside Out
Relationships are the key to any successful life experience, but they are often the hardest thing to cultivate. As a licensed marriage and family therapist JC Pohl understands the importance of meeting each others needs, yet many of us don't know how to simply define those needs. This session will clearly illustrate the relational needs that we all have, and teach attendees how to use this new vocabulary to build stronger connections at work and in life.
JC Phol, Teen Truth
Finding Your Gift
Come see how you can create a school environment that allows students to be happy, healthy and hopeful for the future!  By putting relationships first, and balancing structure, discipline and respect with celebrations, passion and enthusiasm we are able to raise the rigor and find each child's individual gifts.
Michelle Pate, Dustin Pate, Glasgow Ind. Schools
The Vital Role of School Counselors in Creating Hopeful, Happy, Healthy Schools
SB1 requires a school counselor in every school. Find out why this is so important and learn how a Comprehensive School Counseling Program can create Hopeful, Happy, and Healthy Schools by promoting students' academic achievement and social emotional health.
Linda Tyree, Kentucky School Counselor's Association
Leading from the Heart: Creating Calm, Connected, Compassionate Communities
Resilient leaders, gritty students, and compassionate schools require deep listening, collaboration, and respect for others. Leaders committed to improving well-being develop strong school cultures and empower individuals to achieve. This session provides strategies to foster meaningful relationships, build growth mindset and enable leaders to respond rather than react to situations.  
Dr. Kara Davies, Clark Co. Schools
Waterford UPSTART: Coming to School Ready!
This session will explore Waterford UPSTART, a FREE innovative in-home, technology delivered kindergarten readiness program.  This session will explore UPSTART, including its development, research basis, curriculum, and success, as well as how UPSTART uses a parent communication strategy coupled with personalized coaching, to support, empower & engage families as they prepare their child for school. 
Steve Kunberger, 
1:30 p.m.  How to Build Resilient School Communities to Combat Childhood Trauma
Participants will learn how a school district and it's community partners created a framework of support for students that combats ACEs and trauma with a 24/7/365 mindset as it's goal. Issues to be discussed include: creating the framework of support in schools and community, and how to measure impact.
Dr. Joe Bargione, Bounce Coalition
Beyond the Bell: Enrichment, Academic Support, and At-Risk Youth
Attendees will learn how Johnson County Schools is using extended day to improve school culture, to provide a sense of hope and positive relationships for students living in poverty, those who have failed one or more classes, those with truancy issues, and those who have multiple discipline referrals. 
Misty Delong, Johnson Co. Schools
SEL: Supporting Whole Child Wellness Districtwide!
Do you work with students who have unmet emotional needs?  Come hear how one district is focusing on the academic, physical AND emotional health of ALL students through the implementation of Social and Emotional Learning! 
Taylora Schlosser and Traci Sharpe, Marion Co. Schools
Utilizing School and Mental Health Counselors to Build a Comprehensive District Counseling Program
With the passing of Senate Bill 1, districts have to make decisions about how to meet the mental health needs of students.  Combining the unique training of school counselors and mental health counselors is key.  This presentation will share information about the system put in place by Danville Independent Schools. 
Sharon Todd, LPCC, NCC, Danville Ind. Schools 
2:30 p.m. Happy, Healthy, Hopeful Schools:  Leadership Makes All the Difference 
Our keynote guests will lead the closing general session that will feature messages of hope, and provide tools and resources available to support students who face significant life challenges. You do not want to miss a very special presentation to be made at this session. 
JC Pohl, Teen Truth, Dr. Joe Bargione, Bounce Coalition