KASA is proud to deliver Safety Focus 5, an easy reference, helpful tips publication that points you to the most important safety topics for the month. Partnering with KCSS, we commit to helping you find the answers you need. Together, we will keep our focus on safety first.

End of Year Access Control

Many year-end celebrations like graduations and award ceremonies will be attended by family members and the general public. A few tips to make your event uneventful:

  • Limit visitor access. Lock doors to instructional wings of the facility.
  • Assign 2-way communication devices to staff members in strategic locations in proximity to gyms, auditoriums, etc.
  • Remind everyone to report unusual activity to school leaders or the SRO.
  • Maintain the normal secure access control procedures to the remainder of the building.
  • Instruct staff members to maintain strict access control, including required background checks on field trips and other co-curricular activities.
Do You Know What is Happening at All Times? “Withitness”

  • Ensure everyone knows the expectations for supervision.
  • Confirm all areas supervised. 
  • Ensure supervisors are actively engaged.
  • Ensure staff addresses and report suspicious activity immediately.
  • Practice Withitness! (Educator with ability to know what's happening at all times, as defined by Dr. Jim Evans)  

Review policy changes

June is the time for school boards to review legislative policy changes. Once the school board completes its review, be sure to review your emergency management plan and make adjustments based on the changes to legislation and other identified needs.

Building Inspection

The summer is a great time to thoroughly inspect your building and make any repairs needed before school starts back in August. 

  • The Fire Marshall will inspect the fire extinguishers in the building as well as on all buses
  • Inspect the boiler room and kitchen
  • Request an exit interview to discuss the Fire Marshall’s findings in the building and what you can do to improve the fire safety aspect of the school

    Check the exterior of the school building for the following:

  • Graffiti
  • Damaged safety signs
  • Overgrown bushes/shrubs to ensure proper line of sight
  • Dismissal procedure and traffic flow
  • All outdoor locks work properly
  • Safety/security lights broken or damaged

    Check the interior of the school building for the following:

  • As furniture is moved around for painting, repairs, and waxing of the floors important safety signage tend to get damaged or disappear
  • Ensure exit and other safety signs are in place and working properly once maintenance is completed.
  • Check all door and window locks; request replacement if necessary.

Create/Meet with Safety Team

Build or expand your team to include district and school level administrators, food service, buildings/grounds, secretaries, and others on the team. Team should visit each school quarterly to review all aspects of safety in the school. Use a checklist to guide and ensure a thorough and uniform inspection of each school. From the checklist, prepare a report after the visit that shares the team’s findings as to how safety can be improved.

KASA Safety Council Members

Dr. Thomas Aberli, Jefferson County Schools;  Timothy Adams, Johnson County Schools; Jon Akers, Ky Center for School Safety;  
Dr. Rhonda Caldwell, KASA;
Rip Collins, LaRue County Schools;  Jason Detre, LaRue County Schools; Lisa Ducker, KASA;  
Dr. Jim Evans, Lee County Schools;
Bryan Fachbart, Garrard County Schools; Dr. Georgia Hampton, Jefferson County Schools; Erin Howe, KASA;  
Christi Jefferds, Kenton County Schools;
Rick Lasley, Hancock County Schools;  Bobby Lewis, Retired; Shawn Moore, Russell Ind. Schools;  
Ron Murrell, RossTarrant Architects;
Dr. Tim Parson, Cumberland County Schools;  Sallie Pierce, Pulaski County Schools;
Carla Pleasant, Fayette County Schools;  BJ Rushing, Livingston County Schools; Kasey Tackett, Floyd County Schools;  
Christina Weeter, Ky Dept. of Education