Leadership Development Opportunities dealing with Personnel Issues


Personnel Essentials Webinar

This live, interactive webinar will focus on the most pressing issues facing local school districts as they make personnel decisions for the next school year.

The outlook for school funding in Kentucky during the upcoming budget cycle is absolutely dismal. Given that reality, local school leaders are faced with daunting decisions regarding staffing for the 2018-19 school year. Compliance with statutory requirements for personnel and salary decisions is an absolute necessity.

This three-hour web-based workshop will walk participants through the statutory framework for making personnel decisions for the upcoming school year. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to submit questions and issues for real-time response.

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*One six hour EILA credit approved session is available annually to KASA active members at no cost as part of members' benefits and services. If you have not already used this benefit this school year, you may register at no charge.

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Employee Discipline in an Education Environment

As you well know, discipline of employees is difficult even in the best of circumstances; it can also be frightening. To help prepare you and your staff, KASA is offering a workshop series, Employee Discipline in an Education Environment. This series will bring great comfort to those charged with the serious work of addressing misbehavior by school employees. Six hours of EILA credit is available per session. A light breakfast and lunch will also be provided.

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