Deeper Learning: Leadership from Accidental to Intentional

6 hours EILA Credit Provided

Session Overview

If you are a Kentucky educator interested in leveraging the tenets of Deeper Learning to prepare students for college and the careers of tomorrow, this professional learning opportunity is for you!  You are guaranteed to leave with new ideas, tools and practices – and most importantly, new partners in this exciting work.  In this session, you will experience deeper learning through Ted Talks by Tom Vander Ark, and interactive activities designed and facilitated by UK’s Next Generation Leaders.  Additionally, you will hear from Kentucky school and district administrators currently engaged in transforming education to ensure deeper levels of learning for students at all levels.

Participants will explore questions, such as:

  • What should students know and be able to do upon completion of each level (elementary, middle and high)?
  • What should students know and be able to do beyond accountability?
  • What is currently unique and innovative in your school or district?
  • What local curriculum/pedagogy supports deeper learning?
  • What measures are currently being used to measure learning that really matters?

Session Agenda

9:00 a.m.     

Welcome, Introduction & Overview of the Day

9:10 a.m.      

Setting the Stage for Deeper Learning: Moving from Accidental to Intentional Leadership with Tom Vander Ark


9:20 a.m.     

What Students Know and Can Do Upon Graduation: Exit Profile
During this initial block, participants will be exposed to basic concepts and goals of deeper learning models through an examination of the skills provided by schools. Participants will be challenged to identify the basic guarantees of their existing diploma and be provided models which achieve deeper skills for students. Participants will also be challenged to think about equity differently in terms of the deeper learning opportunities provided to all students. Topics covered include: graduate profiles, 21st Century Skills, backward mapping success, standards alignment. 

  • Breakout Activity: Considering Components of an Exit Profile 

  • Driving Question: “What do your students know and what can they do beyond accountability?

  • Ted Talk: Global Perspective on Structuring Schools for Broader Skills by Tom Vander Ark

  • Breakout Activity: Building an Exit Profile 

  • Driving Question: “What are the core skills our students must have to succeed?”

  • Debrief & Discussion  

  • Kentucky Voices: A Matter of Equity (Travis Hamby, Trigg Co. Schools)

  • Kentucky How To: Starting Conversations that Integrate Deeper Skills (Dr. Francis O'Hara, Kenton Co. Schools)

10:30 a.m.   

Changing Student’s Learning Experience: Teaching & Learning 
Participants will focus on the learning experience of children in schools deeply during this time block. Participants will start by reflecting and articulating the excellent models of teaching and learning that already exist in their schools. Participants will explore the difficult questions of the pacing of learning changes within the context of each district. Then, alternative learning models that more consistently achieve excellence in learning opportunities will be presented before being challenged to consider adopting reasonably paced improvements to the learning models within their own schools. Topics covered include: project based learning, inquiry learning, exhibitions, the project tuning protocol, learning software supports.

  • Breakout Activity: Accidental Teaching Excellence 

  • Driving Question: “What is currently unique and innovative in your district?”

  • Ted Talk: Teaching and Learning Practices that Help Students Get Global Skills by Tom Vander Ark

  • Kentucky Voices: Journey from Here to There in Your Context at Your Speed (Dr. Keith Look, Danville Ind. Schools)

  • Breakout Activity: The Teaching and Learning We Want 

  • Driving Question: What local curriculum/pedagogy would help us achieve that?

  • Kentucky How To: Get Started Changing the Student Experience (Abby Griffy, Marshall Co. Schools)

12:20 p.m.   

Changing Students’ Learning Experience: Measurement 
Schools that engage in deeper learning frequently find that measuring different things is useful and that topic will be explored in this part of the day. Many critical measurements are already happening in schools and highlighting and focusing on the most important of these is critical. In addition, new measures will be explored. Specifically, performance assessment will be presented in detail as a deeper measure of student learning. Topics covered include: Performance Assessment, discipline measures, measuring teacher PBL implementation, grade level performance expectations, standards based grading models (briefly). 

  • Breakout Activity: Existing Measurements 
  • Driving Question: What data or measures in your district currently speak to the exit profile skills?”
  • Ted Talk: Global Approaches to Measuring Learning that Matters by Tom Vander Ark
  • Breakout Activity: What local measures would help us achieve that? 
  • Kentucky Voices and How To: Get Started Examining Existing Measures Differently and Using New Measures (Dr. Francis O'Hara, Kenton Co. Schools)

1:30 p.m.      

Leading at the School Level

The final major content activity for the day will focus on leadership for deeper learning at the school level primarily. Participants will explore the best existing opportunities for initiating deeper learning conversations and will be presented global models of leaders that have experienced success in changing schools for deeper learning. Participants will focus on local ways to get school-community support improvements to the learning environment for children. for Topics covered include: School culture improvements, community meetings, leading for professional development, workplace learning.

  • Breakout Activity: Existing Structures 
  • Driving Question:  What structures currently exist in your school where this discussion/work could begin?
  • Ted Talk: Global Examples of Building Level Leadership for Deeper Learning by Tom Vander Ark
  • Kentucky Voices & How To: Getting Started Leading for Deeper Learning at the Building Level (Tina Stevenson, Fayette Co. Schools)
  • Ted Talk: Public Community Impact of Deeper Learning—Exhibitions, Portfolios, Etc. by Tom Vander Ark
  • Breakout Activity: Community Buy-in 
  • Driving Question: Who in your community (identify the top 5) would need to feel comfortable with this?

2:15 p.m.      

Entry Point
Finally, participants will work individually and in teams to design initial drafts of small scale deeper learning change models capable of implementation in their schools/district. Content and grade-level practitioners will be available on hand to guide, critique, and provide expert feedback to participants as initial ideas emerge.  

  • Breakout Activity: Identify and Prototype a Viable Entry Point at the Building Level to Implement in the Fall of 2017 (Dr. Justin Bathon & Dr. Carmen Coleman; and Dr. Tom Aberli, Joe Chavez and Lori Beth Mayes)
  • Share out, Debrief and Discussion 

3:00 p.m.     

  • Ted Talk: The Case for School Leaders to Engage in Reforming School for Deeper Learning by Tom Vander Ark

3:10 p.m.      

Closing Remarks, Evaluation, Charge & Next Steps Travis Hamby and Julie Hawkins


About Tom Vander Ark

Tom Vander Ark is author of Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World, Smart Cities That Work for Everyone: 7 Keys to Education & Employment, and Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning. He is CEO of Getting Smart, a learning design firm and a partner in Learn Capital, an education ventures capital firm.


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Thursday, March 2, 2017

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET

Individual Rate - $159
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Facilitated by KASA's NxGL2 committee and U.K.'s Next Generation Leadership Academy


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