Application Deadline: December 1, 2017


To create and maintain a community of professional women education leaders by promoting exemplary quality, equity and self-confidence through personal leadership growth, mentorship, and support in career advancement. 


To provide leadership enrichment, networking, encouragement and support for women entering, advancing or sustaining their work as leaders in education. Leadership skill enhancement will be provided through the KASA Annual Leadership Institute, annual Kentucky Women in Education Leadership (KWEL) state forums and ongoing mentorship experiences. 


• Establish a support system to assist women entering, advancing or established in education leadership positions 
• Provide opportunities to develop and deepen leadership skills through women’s leadership forums, conferences, networking and professional communication
• Encourage women to apply for and expect leadership positions for which they are qualified
• Provide women the opportunity to share experiences that build a network for on-going 
professional growth and development 
• Establish a coaching and mentoring system to support and encourage women in education leadership roles
• Reward and recognize exemplary women in education leadership roles


Cohort groups of aspiring female leaders will be selected for membership into KWEL on a yearly basis. Women nominated for a cohort will complete an application and submit two letters of recommendation. Participants will be selected based on criteria established by the KWEL Steering Committee. Approximately 25 new cohort members will be selected each year. Each new class will participate in the Women’s Forum during the year of their induction, have ongoing networking opportunities through the KASA online community and be invited to a yearly reception at the KASA Annual Leadership Institute. In addition, cohort members will have the opportunity to attend future Women’s Forums and conference experiences during the years following their initial induction into KWEL.
Mentors will be selected from women currently holding a leadership role in the field of education. Executive mentors will be asked to coach 1 to 2 cohort members, and will agree to participate in the Women’s Forum, networking experiences and ongoing coaching chats with their mentee.

How to submit your application:

Step 1
Complete registration here
Application fee: $50
(Note: If selected there will be a registration fee of $159)

Step 2
Your Career Aspirations
Using no more than two single-spaced 8.5 X 11 typewritten pages, respond to each of the questions below. (Please use the question as a heading for each response.) 

Question 1:
Why are you considering the superintendency/executive leadership/principalship as a career? Include the contributions you would like to make to the field. 

Question 2: Describe the skills, dispositions, experiences, and traits you possess that would make you an attractive superintendent/principal candidate to a district. Your answer should help the reader know you as an administrator.  

Step 3
Letters of Recommendation:

Two letters of recommendation must accompany your application (one that demonstrates personal character and one that demonstrates professional excellence).

Step 4
Submit your responses to the two questions and two letters of recommendation in one of the following formats on our before December 1:


Mail to: 

KWEL Program
87 C. Michael Davenport Blvd. 
Frankfort, KY 40601

Fax to: (502) 875-4634
Address cover sheet to KWEL Program

Call the KASA office at (800) 928-5272